Adopt a team approach

DentistsThe team approach is widely accepted as fundamental to successful clinical treatment. Since each member of that team forms only part of the story when it comes to dealing with patients, everyone has an important role to play – including when it comes to the promotion of daily treatment turbine air compressor.

The dental team as a whole needs to know what works in the battle against gum disease, as consistent messaging can help to encourage patients to use proven products at home and make any necessary lifestyle changes to improve their situation.

Be SMART in your approach to patient education
SMART goals are helpful for both the patient and the healthcare professional in encouraging positive change; they are Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.

It is by listening to patients that the team can provide the knowledge to make specific and tailor-made changes to their lifestyle and oral healthcare routines to help treat gum disease effectively between appointments.

Recommend proven daily treatment products for use at home
A number of products have been proven to be efficacious for home use; however, according to the Group B consensus report of the fifth European Workshop in Periodontology: ‘Currently oral plaque biofilm disruption is the most effective way to treat and prevent both conditions [gingivitis and periodontitis]‘ dental implant machine.4

In line with this, LISTERINE® Advanced Defence Gum Treatment is scientifically proven to interrupt the plaque colonisation process1. It is formulated with LAE (Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate) technology, which forms a physical coating on the pellicle to prevent bacteria from accessing and attaching to the pellicle proteins, interrupting plaque biofilm formation and maturation1.

In summary
Gum disease poses challenges for both the dentist and the patient, but this can be eased using a partnership approach. Talking to patients about the whys and wherefores of gum disease and recommending scientifically-proven products for use at home should all feature in a best practice plan to build trust and help patients achieve – and maintain – healthy gums. dental supplies

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