Questions you should ask your hygienist

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Bleeding gums when brushing, flossing, or any other time is usually a sign of gingivitis which can quickly lead to gum disease. Bumps and/or sores in or around the mouth area can be signs of infection, oral cancer, or another issue altogether. Again, alerting your dentist to anything abnormal is essential in making sure that it is addressed during your next checkup and may help them to pinpoint an issue that isn’t visible but you can feel.

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Ask about your mouth feeling dry or having a strange odour  micro motors australia

A dry feeling mouth can point to issues with saliva glands, can be a symptom caused from medication, or could possibly be a sign of diabetes. There can many different reasons for smelly breath and other oral odours, including infection, bacterial or otherwise. For these reasons, you should be telling your dentist about these concerns even if you are sure that there is nothing to worry about. Having a professional double check any symptoms or suspicions is the only way to either make sure that there is nothing to worry about or to find out what the issue is so a solution can be found.

Ask about any sensitivity or pain you’ve experienced

If you’ve been feeling any sensitivity or pain anywhere in your mouth, even if it is very minute, is extremely important as it may be early signs of a larger issue. Gingivitis, cavities, teeth grinding, and jaw clenching can all cause sensitivity and pain in the jaw, neck, teeth, and gum line. If you notice any sensitivities, be sure to alert both your dentist and dental hygienist so they can inspect the area specifically for any abnormalities or signs of decay and damage Ultrasonic Scaler.

When can I book my next appointment?

This is the question you should be asking every single time you visit your dentist. Booking your next regular cleaning before you walk out the dental office doors is the most effective way to make sure that you have your teeth professionally cleaning every six months, which is the best way to monitor your oral health.

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