Can You Get Whiter Teeth at Home

Getting whiter teeth at home is now a possibility, thanks to advances in technology and new whitening agents available to our patients. We at Reimels Family & Cosmetic Dentistry know that, to many of our patients, having whiter teeth is very important vacuum forming machine dental. At the same time, they may not be able to come to our office every week for a whitening treatment.

That’s why we’re happy to tell you about a new and exciting way that you can get whiter teeth at home.

Whiter Teeth at Home: Our Dental Whitening System
Can You Get Whiter Teeth at HomeWhen you come tell us that you would like whiter teeth, we are able to fabricate a custom dental appliance to help make this a reality. We take an impression of your teeth and use that impression to create a tray that fits your mouth like a glove.

Then, we are able to provide you with the latest in dental whitening gel—formulated especially for home use—along with instructions as to how you can apply regular treatments in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Of course, as with any dental treatment, there are some things that may keep you from getting the results you want. If you have had dental work such as crowns, caps, or other similar things, the whitening gel may not work on them—although it will work on your natural teeth dental instruments.

Likewise, depending on just how badly stained your teeth are, you may need to have some professional treatments done in our office before attempting to get whiter teeth at home. turbine air compressor

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