Has Much Changed in 57 Years

Sure, a whole lot has changed since 1956. Today, we have cable TV and the internet. We also have Blue Ray discs, DVD technology and iPods. And we’ve lived through several economic recessions.

On the other hand, if you consider the rhetoric that is circulated by opponents of water fluoridation, it might seem as though we’ve been transported back in time. The May 19, 1956 issue of The Saturday Evening Post — one of the best-read magazines of that era — contained an article entitled “The Fight Over Fluoridation tooth scaler australia.” Here are some of the observations made in the article:

The opponents of water fluoridation have counterattacked on a nationwide front. The opposition cross-sections like poor bacon: The streaks of logic, responsibility and good will are almost lost among layers of irresponsible hollering. … [then there] are the chronic hatemongers, who package anti-fluoridation in with their other scurrilous campaigns.

We saw an example of this “package” approach last year when the leader of the Fluoride Action Network announced that he had formed an alliance with a group that criticizes childhood vaccines.

The Post article also shared this interesting tidbit:

A technique for deflating crank reactions (to fluoridation) has appeared in such forehanded towns as Charlotte, North Carolina, Martinsburg, West Virginia, and Newburgh (NY). City Hall announces that fluoridation will begin on a certain day . . dental air compressor. and lets the complaints roll in. “This water is ruining photographic negatives.” … “It killed my goldfish.” … “It brought grandma’s asthma back.” … The newspapers print much of this. Then City Hall announces that, regrettable as these things are, fluoride can’t be the cause — the actual start of fluoridation has been postponed for technical reasons to the first of next month.

In other words, whipping up unfounded fear can lead a lot of well-meaning people to draw the wrong conclusions. Ultrasonic Scaler

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