A Smarter Diet

We, as dentists, know that certain foods are better for your teeth. Cheese, chicken, meat, nuts, and milk are thought to protect enamel by providing the calcium and phosphorus that’s needed to remineralize teeth.

Other healthy choices would include crunchy fruits and vegetables. These foods stimulate saliva flow to act as a buffer for acid. Fruits and vegetables also have a high water content, which dilutes the effect of the sugars they contain. And, let your patients know that they should consume acidic fruits as part of a larger meal to help minimize the acid from them.

Other common trends today include vegan diets and juicing fruits and vegetables. But I most often see rampant decay and lost teeth along with these diets. Although vegan diets can help detox the body, sometimes they play a number on the teeth, and patients don’t even realize it Ultrasonic Scaler.

There’s an interesting theory that has gone around that cavities are signs that your body is detoxing through your teeth, and they are normal on a vegan diet. This is actually what some patients believe! You may want to tell your patients that if a tooth falls out, it’s not because their body is going to sprout a new, prettier one. It’s because something is very wrong.

Most vegans lose their teeth because they are not eating enough of the proper nutrients and because they snack more often and have more meals in a day vacuum forming machine dental. Each time they eat, the pH in their mouth decreases and creates an acidic environment. Encourage your patients to eat fewer meals to protect their teeth, and tell them to add more protein and fiber to their meals so they feel full longer.

Also, the sugar from fruits, especially in smoothies and juices, can lead to increased amounts of tooth decay and enamel erosion. Tell your patients that having a single fruit is not the same as juicing 8 fruits. Also tell them that when they extract the juice, they are not keeping the fiber, and their teeth are getting a full-blown acid attack. Diets like this can be very dangerous scian nebulizer.

Instruct patients who have to eat or drink often to rinse with water after each meal to help neutralize the pH in their mouth. Additionally, tell them that amino acids like arginine, which is found in meat, poultry, fish, and dairy, help break down dental plaque and stop biofilms from forming. Plus, let your vegan patients know that foods like black beans and soybeans contain arginine, and they should include beans in their diet to help fight tooth decay. Finally, remind your patients that if their diet lacks certain nutrients, it will be more difficult for their tissues to resist infection.


One big practice builder is to show your patients that you are invested in them, not that you are just harvesting patients. We want to maintain them for their lifetimes, not simply fix their problem and have them move on. We all know that patient retention in the long run is the best practice builder.

With that said, make sure that along with your treatment plan for your patients, you incorporate a meal plan that includes a balanced diet. Remind your patients that there is a large connection between their overall health and their oral health. Don’t forget that a healthy outside starts from the inside!

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