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Choose to Have Fun with Braces – 1st Family DentalIf you are having an especially hard time with your child before they even get their braces, know that you are not alone. Thanks to the internet you can find just about anything online and a great way to attempt to get your child on board and feeling better about the process is to search online for their favorite celebrity’s before and after braces images.

Is your daughter obsessed with Selina Gomez dental lab supplies australia? Chances are she had braces.

Show your daughter before and after images of all her favorite people and you could start to see the walls come down quickly! Same goes for the boys. Do some research for popular singers, actors, and sports professionals, and you should be able to find plenty that had braces. As you find celebrities that had great results with braces, remind them of the results they are going to see at the end of their treatment, as well. Now would be a great time to take some before pictures so you both can compare them with their post-braces smile.

Create a Special Shopping List

Ensure that you keep a list of all the foods that your child should be avoiding over the course of their orthodontic treatment. You will want to ensure that they are not damaging their braces, and that they are avoiding potentially embarrassing situations, like having food stuck in their brackets and wires at school.

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Things like candy, gum, ice, and hard foods like nuts should be avoided. It only takes one bad bite to potentially damage their wires or brackets, so ensure that your child understands what they should be eating and what they shouldn’t.

To help your child enjoy braces and not feel left out because they can’t eat any of their favorite foods, like popcorn and hard-crust pizza, create a special shopping list just for them. This is especially important in the beginning when they are still figuring out what they can and can’t eat. Here’s some fun foods they can still enjoy dental lab equipment:

Mashed potatoes
Scrambled eggs
Baked apples
Cheese cubes
and many more…

Make it Fun!

As parents, you know how amazing and how challenging the social environment can be for your kids at school, at their activities, and on play dates with friends. Braces do not have to be an impediment to your child’s self-esteem. With a little encouragement and patience, the whole process can be an enjoyable rite of passage for you and your child dental handpiece.

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