Interproximal brushes

For patients with larger interproximal spaces, especially in the posterior, “regular” floss may be as effective as other methods to adequately clean those spaces. Interproximal brushes are greatly effective in removing debris and plaque around restorations. The key is to find the right size dental lab supplies australia. A variety of sizes is available, from travel sizes to those with full-size handles. Most interdental brushes are made of wire with small bristles to allow them easily to be inserted interproximally.
Paro has developed a Flexi-Grip brush; the big difference is the insulated triangular shaped wires, which makes sense to me since the interdental space between teeth is triangular. The handle’s shape makes it easy to hold for almost all patients dental equipment. I have seen great results and patient compliance with interdental brushes, especially with patients that don’t like to put their hands in their mouths to floss. They are able to use the brush on a long handle, similar to a toothbrush, and are able to access the posterior teeth easily.
Considerations for implantsWhat Is The Purpose Of These Dental Instruments Forceps? for more information.

With the increasing placement of dental implants, assuring food debris and plaque are removed takes special home care. For patients with implants, I always recommend either expandable floss, interproximal brushes, or a Waterpik, and provide detailed instructions and demonstrations of how to assure the implant is effectively cleaned. Because the implant crown is so bulbous compared to the titanium post, implants are food hideouts. As we have all learned in hygiene school, implants can’t get decay, but they can be affected by bone loss. They do require special care protect the patient investment.
I have had patients who are normally somewhat consistent flossers slack off for a period of time and see the effects of bleeding gingiva and irritation. I personally believe flossing is the gold standard of an effective home-care routine, but also am a realist and know that is not for everyone. Based on my years of experience, I believe it is important to use some form of interproximal devices not only for caries prevention but periodontal care as well, no matter the method. From my hygienist point of view, I don’t care what is used—but brushing alone is not enough and will recommend patients use whatever interproximal device they are willing to use consistently. I will continue to encourage all my patient to floss as a generalized suggestion with tailored recommendations as well. In my opinion, something is better than nothing, not only for the oral health but the overall health of each and every one of my patients dental air compressor.

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