Fluoridation in Watertown, New York

Watertown, NY (population: 27,000) lies about 70 miles north of Syracuse, and officials there have heard from a handful of people who want them to end water fluoridation micro motors australia. On Sunday, the Watertown Daily Times wrote an excellent editorial titled “Keep Fluoride.” In the editorial, the newspaper wrote:

Monday’s City Council meeting will finally present a forum for a fair hearing on whether the city should continue its near 50-year practice of adding fluoride to the water supply.

… The role of the (local) Dental Society is significant. The Dental Society rises above the selfish desire to earn fees from treating tooth decay because of its commitment to healthy patients. Dentists are the most knowledgeable people in society about oral hygiene and have devoted generations of expert medical practice to the prevention of decay dental vibrator. And they stand by their remarkable commitment to healthy teeth.

… The City Council and the three other candidates seeking open seats should listen carefully Monday night to the experts. The last thing Watertown needs is a reprise of the worldwide scorn that followed the council’s decision to regulate who could live in your home.

Protecting the teeth of youngsters has been an admirable and successful function of city government for more than 50 years. To reverse direction is irresponsible and sentences the next generation of children to a high incidence of tooth decay.

Blog Explores Why Portland is Wrong About Water Fluoridation

A Scientific American blog post discusses the many false and inaccurate scientific claims that were argued during the fluoride debate in Portland, OR mobile dental unit. Contrary to the beliefs of some in Portland, the article casts a light on the fact that there is no evidence that a regulated amount of fluoride in water supplies causes harm to consumers.

Exploring the Natural History of Fluoride

A recent article posted on the Wired online Science Blog aims to disarm claims that the presence of fluoride in water involves introducing unnatural industrial chemicals into water supplies. The article educates readers on the fact that fluoride is a naturally occurring element that is safe when administered at low levels in water supplies.

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